Ball Breaker


I’m a 27-year old male who like most guys my age is addicted to my Blackberry. I’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks and the other night she was breaking my balls about never calling her, saying all we do is text. What’s the big deal? I don’t get it.  This is the first girl I’ve dated whose complained about this.


I’m probably the wrong person to offer advice on this topic.  I love texting, BBMing, e-mailing – anything that doesn’t involve speaking on the phone.  Why that is my – and maybe your – preference begs a lengthier response and discussion.  For now, let me try and break this down for you in simple terms.  The first question is – do you like this girl and want to continue seeing her?  If the answer is “no”…then this is a moot point, right?  You can just move on and find a girl who won’t “break your balls”, right?  Wrong!  Even the most laid-back, casual, “cool” girl out there will eventually want you to pick up a phone.  And, if she’s anything like me – Ms. Anti-Telephone – it’s merely out of principle that she wants you to do this.  It demonstrates a level of…well, um…commitment and interest.  Sorry, I had to use the “c” word.  Are you still there?  OK, phew, I thought I lost you. 

When you make an effort outside of the convenience of texting, BBMing, e-mailing, PIN-ing, WhatsApp-ing it shows the person you’re communicating with that they have your undivided attention.  Let’s face it – normally when you’re communicating through your Smartphone – you are also doing something else at the same time.  You are distracted at best, unavailable – for all intents and purposes – at worst.  It is unrealistic of you to expect to build anything significant with a girl you’re dating if you never pick up a phone so that she can hear your voice.  Text to sex, with little in between is a sure-fire way to tell your girl that you’re just not that into her long-term.  So, if you don’t see a future with this particular girl and don’t appreciate her “breaking your balls”…move on.  Just remember though that when you do meet that girl who you want to hang on to she may not have the courage or the interest to tell you that she doesn’t appreciate your inability to dial a phone.  And – ladies – if you’re having a “relationship” with a guy who never calls you – just to say hi, or to make plans – well then, you are probably on the road to Nowhereville.

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