Games To Amuse Yourself With

15 May 2013
Random Thoughts
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If you’re suffering from dating fatigue, loathe the idea of dating, have been “taking a break from dating”…or are just plain bored and fed up, instead of worrying about the game playing that you might believe plagues dating, try playing some games with yourself – for entertainment, amusement and distraction.

Game # 1:

Challenge your single friends to see who can go on the most dates in one month…BUT…the “catch” is that the date doesn’t count if the person doesn’t want to see you for a second date.  If you and your friends are “game”…you can get creative with how the “winner” is rewarded.

Game # 2:

Challenge yourself to get five strangers of the opposite sex to engage you in conversation by the end of the week, in random places – like the grocery store, the bank, stuck in traffic, etc.  If phone numbers are exchanged, great…but tell yourself you’d be satisfied with even the exchange of a smile or two.

Game # 3:

Instant message five people who you wouldn’t normally engage with, on a dating or social media site of your choice. I dare you.

Game # 4:

After your next date, write a review (like a movie review) – in the third person.  Share the review with your date and see if they agree (good, bad or ugly).

Game # 5:

See how long you can go without approaching a person of the opposite sex for the purposes of dating them.

While these “games” may seem trivial, pointless, or otherwise unproductive – what have you got to lose?  Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity (doing the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome) and ask yourself if what you’re already doing is working for you?