How Technology Can Ruin A Relationship

5 May 2013
Random Thoughts
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Technology Mishap # 1: 

Misrouted or misdirected e-mails. I wonder how many times someone has sent a message intended for their lover/mistress…to their spouse…in error.

Ever hear any stories that would fall into this category???  We would love to hear them.

Technology Mishap # 2:

Undelivered text or BBM.

This happens to me on a regular basis. A BBM is not delivered. I presume the person is on the phone. Hours go by. Message still undelivered. OK, so the person has turned their phone off. But why, I wonder?!? And the imagination takes over…

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever sent a message that the recipient claimed to never have received? It happens. Trust me.

Technology Mishap # 3:

Facebook.  How Facebook fits into this category could be a blog topic unto itself.  Anything from an ex creeping your new beau’s wall and “pissing” all over it to mark their proverbial territory, to wondering why your partner has just added, or been added by, a certain individual, to losing quality time in your relationship to independent Facebook activity, to affairs beginning as a result of connecting with an old flame on Facebook, and the list goes on.

Anyone have any first hand stories about how Facebook has spoiled their fun, or more seriously…ruined their relationship?

Technology Mishap # 4: 

Lost cell phone.

I wonder how many times two people have met for the first time with all of the promise of a budding relationship, one puts the other’s number in their phone, only to then lose said phone, with no way to retrieve their new love’s phone number. It’s not like anyone remembers actual phone numbers anymore…and so many people date without knowing the last name of the person they’re dating (at the beginning).  Unfortunately, I have heard this story more than once.

Technology Mishap # 5:

Lack of personal connection.

My friend, Abby, summed it up best in a private message exchange:  

Abby:  Technology – as much as I love it – is impacting so much of our lives it’s ridiculous. I don’t sit on the subway or walk down the street one day where I don’t see at least half the people zoned out on their phones or ipods. We’re going into hibernation with ourselves! It’s sad, we’re all incredibly disconnected.