Our Process

To begin the exploration process of whether this is the right service for you, and the right time in your life, we ask that you complete the Contact Form in the Contact section of this website. There are two ways to engage Sitting In A Tree.

Option # 1:

Request an online evaluation. This involves completing the Contact Form, submitting an online payment of $185 + applicable taxes, and receiving feedback from our Founder (Stacie Ikka) personally, via e-mail, within five business days. At this time, a Client Profile will be created for you and you will be advised whether a follow-up consultation is recommended/required.

Option # 2:

Skip Option # 1 and request a personal consultation ($495 + applicable taxes).  This can also be done via the Contact Form.

The personal consultation lasts approximately one hour and is led by our Founder (Stacie Ikka) at one of our corporate offices or via telephone.

Please expect an informal – yet professional and confidential – unstructured, two-way discussion.  The purpose of the personal consultation is for both parties to assess fit, comfort level, dating/relationship objectives, key success factors, and expectations.

Please note that the cost of services are not discussed until the end of the personal consultation (and only in the form of a range and estimate) given that our services are entirely customized.  In the absence of a personal consultation, it is potentially misleading to provide a reliable assessment of services required and associated fees.

Sitting In A Tree does not accept all applicants as Clients. There are several reasons why this may be the case and they are discussed either upon completion of Option # 1, or upon completion of Option # 2.  We are results-driven and if we are not confident that we can meet or exceed your expectations, we will tell you candidly so that we can make good use of both your time and ours.

Following the personal consultation, you and Stacie will determine together whether it makes sense to move forward.  Where that is the case, a program – in the form of a Client Service Agreement – will be prepared for you and e-mailed to you within two (2) business days of your consultation.  Upon receipt, you will have three (3) business days to review the program, to get any questions you may have answered, and to arrange for payment of services.  Please note that most of our programs begin at $5,500 + applicable taxes and that fees paid to Sitting In A Tree throughout the exploration process (fees associated with Options #1 and #2) are credited toward services rendered.

Following a personal consultation, if it is decided by either party that moving forward is not appropriate, the consultation fee will be credited to your file and will be valid for three (3) months from the date of the personal consultation.  The Client Service Agreement, however, will need to be revisited and, often, revised - which may affect pricing – up or down.