Our Target Market

We do not have a demographically defined target market.  Meaning, we do not target clients based on age, religion, socio-economic status, religion, sexual orientation or gender.  The common denominator among all of our clients is quite simple:  they are people who have made their love-life a priority and a focus for themselves; who have identified that they need support in augmenting this component of their life; and who are prepared to invest the necessary financial, time and energy resources in order to be part of the collaborative process.  We work with heterosexual and homosexual clients, males and females, those who are wealthy as well as those of modest means.

We assess your fit with our organization as much as we expect you to assess our fit with your objectives and personality.  We also expect that you have done your due diligence by researching our organization through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and your networks prior to contacting us.  We do not accept every client who approaches us – our goal is to ensure a successful outcome for both you and Sitting In A Tree and if we do not feel that that is achievable, we will not waste your time and are known to offer alternate solutions.