Our Services

Sitting in A Tree wants to support you… wherever you are in your dating or relationship experience. We understand that those seeking committed relationships continue to face challenges in meeting their ideal partner, despite the multitude of options available and that those already in committed relationships face their own set of unique challenges. We believe that what is fundamentally missing from both is a personal touch…necessary to add value to a journey that can feel stagnant, hopeless and lonely at times. We enthusiastically bring objectivity, clarity and direction to ensure a positive experience for you, while working with you to achieve your desired outcome.

We offer a wide range of services geared toward helping our clients navigate an often complex and frustrating dating and relationship landscape. The following are our most popular services, however, they can be further modified to meet your unique needs and this list should not be considered exhaustive:

Traditional Matchmaking

Dating or Relationship Coaching and/or Consulting

Dating Post-Mortems

Online Dating Profile Make-Overs

Wingwoman/Wingman Services

Break-Up Support

Ghost Dating

Personal Shopping

Self-Esteem Building

Life Coaching

Image Consultation

Wardrobe Audit

Relationship Rescue and Repair

While our core business is matchmaking singles, we work with couples as well. They are committed individuals in a relationship that they believe is worth maintaining, however, they recognize that there is either something missing or broken. In those instances where separation and/or divorce are not options, some couples may choose the route of counseling. Others turn to Sitting In A Tree, recognizing that while we are not licensed therapists or physicians, we offer a non-clinical, down-to-earth, no-nonsense, candid approach which, for some, is more valuable than a traditional, clinical approach.  Couples who choose to work with us value the expertise we bring to the table given that we are “in the trenches” by virtue of what we do.

We are often asked about our “success rate”. Given that so much of our work is customized, personalized and subjective, quantifying our success is tricky and could be considered misleading. What we are proud of, and is the closest we have to a measurable success rate, is the following:

1) As of December 2014, 75% of all Clients we have worked with are in long-term, committed relationships (we expect this number to increase over time).

2) As of January 2015, 87% of all Clients we have worked with are referenceable – meaning, they have provided positive feedback on their experience with Sitting In A Tree – to: us, media outlets, friends, family and colleagues/associates.

3) 90% of our business is word-of-mouth/referral-based.