Our Beginnings

Sitting In A Tree is the dream company that founder Stacie Ikka never thought to dream. And although her original career goal was to be a cardiologist, which she pursued until university, matters of the heart always seemed to be her true calling.

But before life lead her on the path that she was supposed to pursue, Stacie went down a different one that included a degree in Business Administration, as well as four successful years as an Executive Search Consultant early in her career. By the time she left the corporate sector, working for a Fortune 1000 as a Senior Operations Leader, she had earned herself a reputation as a well-respected and passionate leader, specializing in: coaching and development; emotional and social intelligence; effective communication; and complex problem-solving, Stacie decided to take these mastered skills and apply them to what was coming next - the creation of Sitting In A Tree.

The common thread in Stacie’s career and personal journey has been her talent to achieve superior results, while building and maintaining positive relationships. With an innate ability to relate to, and connect with others, while offering insightful advice and inspiring action, Stacie has proven to be one of the more exceptional relationship experts in her field.

Passion, expertise, and leadership skills have helped Stacie build and maintain a very successful and credible venture. With each SIAT team member exemplifying exceptional corporate values, Stacie’s vision, and the mission that defines Sitting In A Tree, clients are enjoying a more positive dating experience, while competitors are getting nervous.

To learn more about Stacie’s professional background, please check out her LinkedIn profile.