The Benefits Of Dating Multiple People

29 April 2013
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Although for many it is an uncomfortable and unsavoury concept, there are benefits to dating more than one person at a time (with the understanding that you are not sleeping with more than one person at a time).  Generally, men seem more comfortable with this concept than women; however, even they feel the social stigma associated with having multiple dating partners and more often than not, keep it on the down-low.  It is my belief that honesty is always the best policy – along with transparency – and so long as the people you’re dating know that there is no exclusivity arrangement at the onset, there is really nothing “wrong” with doing so.  Dating is, after all, meant to be a discovery and exploration journey…not a final destination.

Benefit # 1: You are not putting all of your proverbial (or literal?) eggs in one basket and are, therefore, less likely to settle.

When you date more than one person at once you create options for yourself, which allow you to make choices.  As they say, the cream rises to the top…so date a few different people simultaneously, and see who stands out.

Benefit # 2:  Fewer lonely nights on your couch.

Yes, effort is required (for both guys and girls) to primp and preen before a date and, yes, laziness and pessimism often prevail.

If someone wants to go out with you, stop assessing their long-term potential and rationalizing why they’re “not for you”. The possibilities of what could happen when you leave your house are really quite endless….

Benefit # 3: Increased self-esteem.

I’m not suggesting that anyone’s self-esteem should be directly tied to how much or how little attention you get from the opposite sex, however, it’s undeniable (for most of us) that being pursued and desirable makes us feel good. And, being the hedonist that I am, I think that if it feels good you should do as much of “it” as possible.

Benefit # 4: Less dating stress and fatigue.

You have less time to sit around and watch your phone and wonder when he/she is going to reach out. Your headspace and attention are spread across multiple people rather than being fixated on just one, giving you healthy distractions so that you don’t imagine a relationship with one person before it’s had a chance to actually form.