Variety Is The Spice Of…Dating?

We all know that variety is the spice of life, however, the same seems to apply to dating.  Whether you are a serial dater, or in an established relationship, we believe that it’s important to be creative, versatile and adventurous in your dating.  Single people often suffer from dating fatigue, especially if they’ve been seeking that special someone for an extended period of time, and couples eventually fall in to routines where ennui is quick to set in.  Keeping things exciting and new can rejuvenate and re-energize singles and couples alike!

Here are just a few ideas, “off the top of our head”, to get you started:

1.      Model your next date after a pub crawl, minus the drunken debauchery.  The idea is to keep moving, explore your city and visit multiple establishments – preferably new ones.  For example, start by sipping martinis at a trendy hotspot.  Then, hit up a tapas restaurant for appetizers.  Then off to a restaurant neither of you have been to, for your entrées.  Find a quaint out-of-the-way café for dessert and coffee.  Perhaps a nightcap somewhere later?  You get the idea.  This type of evening works best with little to no advanced planning.

2.      Start a “one day” date jar.  How many times has your best friend, significant other or dates said to you:  “Hey…we should try…, or go to …, one day?”  I know that if I had a dollar for every time this has happened to me and I have not taken any action, I’d be on a cruise right now.  I was recently on a date and the guy asked me if I had ever been to the racetrack.  I said that I had, but he had never been.  He said:  “We should go one day.”  “Sure”, I replied.  We never did go, but it was a good idea and I’ve been itching to go ever since.  What I should’ve done is written it on a little piece of paper, folded it in half and stuck it in my “one day” date jar.  Next time you’re talking with someone about something that you might want to do “one day” make a note of it (or put it somewhere you’ll remember, in your Blackberry or iPhone) and then add it to your date jar (which you’ll keep in plain view) when you get home.  Then, next time you’re bored, wanting to impress a date, or just looking for a new experience, reach into that jar and pick out a piece of paper…and then DO whatever that piece of paper says!!!

3.      Go to your local coffee shop (and by local, I mean that literally…try and support the local retailers in your neighbourhood versus the large chains, whenever you can) and purchase as many donuts and hot chocolates as you can carry and as your wallet will permit.  Sprinkle a little sweetness wherever you go by offering these treats to passersby, homeless people, party-goers, whomever you come across.  You are likely to meet interesting people and you never know – you and your date just might be the highlight of someone else’s lonely night. 

We’d love to hear about the most unique date you’ve ever been on!


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