Ever wondered where the Good Guys are? 

Yeah…*heavy sigh*…me too.   

The good news is that they are out there.  Everybody knows at least one (Good Guy, that is).  Ask around, you’ll see I’m right.  Unfortunately, “bad” is often sexier than “good” and draws more attention.  A horribly painful break-up story is always far more compelling than an amicable and mutual split, right? 

I also think it’s unfair to categorically label men as either a “bad boy” or a “Good Guy”.  As many of us know, bad boys often turn into some of the best Good Guys when, and only when, they meet “The One”.  That is part of what makes them so attractive…the desire to capture their elusive heart.  Similarly, and sadly, I’ve seen many a Good Guy slip into bad boy territory because of an unfortunate bad girl.  To that end, I do believe the two terms (bad boy/Good Guy) are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  I also believe that the same conversation could be had about Good Women and bad girls.

My quest, however, remains the same…to find, celebrate and honour the Good Guys.  By most people’s accounts they seem to be in much shorter supply than Good Girls and said Good Girls are losing hope on a daily basis, by the dozens, which is just plain sad.

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